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 History, genealogy and photos relating to the Chenault's Kentucky Cavalry. Also biography of Kentucky Governor, James B. McCreary who served as Lt. Col. of the regiment.
 Regimental history (detailed) of the 23rd Alabama Volunteer Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.; 1861-1865. Includes relevant excerpts from the Official Records of the Rebellion and a bibliography.
 Web site dedicated to the honorable service of the 26th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the American Civil War.
 The purpose of this site is to disseminate historical and biographical information about the 42nd Indiana Volunteer Infantry and the men who fought in the regiment. It includes histories of the 42nd Indiana, a full roster, letters, diaries, and biographies and pictures of the men who fought in the regiment.
 This site has no bad language, no nudity, no gore, is very educational and promotes American History.
 49th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Civil War Reenactment and Historical Regiment, with history, and roster of the original 49th Indiana.
 Re-enactor and Living History group portraying both Confederate and Union cavalry from the War Between the States 1861-1865
 Pictures, stories and poems relating to the events of 9-11-01 as well as images of the USS Cole and the recent Challenger Disaster and information of Osama bin Laden from the FBI.
 Civil War history site and history of the 9th Illinois Volunteers
 American History,Civil war links , and much more
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