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 Students, parents, and teachers can find any kind of information, in over 14,000 sites, which have been seperarted by categories to make things easier to find.
 This site contains an educational directory for ages K-12. It also provides a homework helper for students and they can search specific sites by subject.
 Education World contains over 500,000 educational sites for students and educators. It has an ability to search by grade level.
 Educational Emporium contains several educational sites that make learning fun. Kids can find help with homework or just increase their skills by playing with trivia facts and searching for helpful information.
 Homework Planet is an excellent resource for kids to get help with their homework. It offers study tools for students such as online encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauruses, and much more.
 A children's site full of pre-school games and activities, including Mr. Men games, Noddy, Casper, Watership Down and Wind In The Willows
 SearchEdu is an educational site that provides an index of pages with lots of information for students and teachers.
 StudyWEB contains over 100,000 categorized and reviewed sites. This site is useful for academics or research, and also contains visual aids.
 This site provides a directory of web sites containing information and resources for teachers and educators.
 A site that provides research resources for kids and also offers kid-safe search engines.
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